About Me

Stephany Moratalla


Stephany was born and raised in Sylmar, California. Shehas always been fascinated by the arts and at a young age, she focused onmusic. She was in choir most of her life, and throughout college. She alwayshad the desire to learn how to paint and draw and would visit art exhibits andwas drawn to people with creative and innovative minds. Those people soonbecame friends and she became surrounded by people who inspired and pushed herinto pursuing her dream of becoming a makeup artist. Horror and fantasy hasalways captivated her mind and her love for effects motivated her to intern asa makeup artist for films. Lucky enough for Stephany, she happened to be at theright place at the right time, living on a ranch where film makers paid to filmtheir projects there and it fueled her love for makeup even more and she grewas an artist through connections she made. Wanting more, she set off to gainmore knowledge and skill in her craft and completed the Master program atMake-Up Designory. She is currently living in Los Angeles, working on anythingshe can get her hands on to help take her career to the next level. Through herwork, Stephany hopes to inspire others, helping them to feel beautiful insideand out.       

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